Human Motor 2011


Human Motor Press 2011


Back to the Motor Show, returns to Human Motor. Saturday, December 10 a Critical Mass through the city of Bologna to free the city from the imagination of self-featured with full leather interior, with strength to contest an exhibition that proposes the woman as a thing, to reaffirm that another mobility , free, clean and sustainable is not only possible, it is more necessary than ever!

It takes more devastating economic crisis, companies that neo-colonial war and starvation decimate entire populations to get their hands on energy resources: Bologna will host the show again this year engines.

But what talk show?

It's time to economic and social crisis, and capitalism biopolitics reveals ever more clearly necrotic her face. The goods have greater freedom of movement with respect to persons, shall state that the cages turn into criminals and illegal immigrants. And if this system moves war and widespread violence, it is impossible not to recognize the symbol in the car with this state of affairs. She is the protagonist of a company that moves dropping bombs, polluted territories, nullifying the rights.

The Italian experience is very significant: we have seen the great act automotive industry with a major role in canceling the rights of workers with the tools of extortion and abuse of power, strong protection of an entire political class and complicit trade union confederation.

The same political class of the great works: the City Council of Bologna, who during the election campaign he promised to implement mobility 'sustainable, promotes large speculative works today in the odor of malfeasance, such as the People Mover. Spots and also events such as the recent T-Days, walkways eco - friendly that have nothing to do with a real PLANNING 'organic mobility of' sustainable Bologna, fall in the same hypocrisy.

The great work to perform all those who choose to ride the city every day for it, to invent, to love it. It must therefore claim the right to mobility, international and sustainable should rethink radically the way of inhabiting this planet, and therefore, how to cross it and move around in it, should find time and space relationships of the pedal. The best way is not what you see from the cockpit, but the one that runs under the pedals!




Try it Saturday, December 10 in every street.

Your bike starting with a square Neptune at 15.00